The Magic City Boppers organization was founded in Birmingham, Alabama on July 11, 1990. The group was formed to promote Birmingham's own dance, the Birmingham Bop. The dance is Birmingham's own version of a dance done throughout the nation and known by many names and danced many similar ways.
The Birmingham Bop involves partners touching, doing a repetitive step and a set of turns and spins unique to the dance. It's as smooth and graceful as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, with turns and spins added to make it as energetic as American Bandstand and MTV.

Since 1990, several changes have been implemented by this club, but one element has remained the same - "the promotion of the Birmingham Bop".

The club will meet three Wednesday nights and one monthly party on Friday night at the Kelly Ingram VFW,       1801 11th Ave North,  BHM  35234 and dancing starts at 7:00 PM. , and our annual May "Hangout Weekend" in Panama City, Florida.